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Posts tagged "LGBT Legal Matters"

LGBT discrimination contributes to poverty as people age

According to Forbes, in 2014, the government included questions about gender identity and sexual orientation on the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants. The annual survey was administered by the Department of Health and Human Services and collected data from seniors who made use of specific government assistance programs, such as meal services and senior centers in New York and the rest of the United States.

Employment discrimination and LGBT matters

Those who are part of the LGBT community may face a number of different challenges from time to time, some of which involve their place of employment. In fact, some of these difficulties may even represent a violation of the person's rights as an employee. For example, discrimination targeting those who belong to the LGBT community occurs too often and has made life difficult for people in many ways. Some may lose their job, while others may be denied a promotion that they were supposed to receive or struggle with reassignment to a worse position.

What does transgender discrimination entail?

Although the world is becoming more inclusive every day, many transgender people in New York face discrimination in multiple areas of their lives. Being able to recognize different types of discrimination is crucial so you can take the proper legal action, whether that involves filing a complaint regarding employment or dealing with claims of unfair housing practices. Justice.org offers the following information so you can be fully aware of your rights.

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